• MD 1 TO MD 4: $5500 PER SEMESTER

  • MD 5: $8500 

  • CS 1 TO CS 6: $9000 PER SEMESTER

  • TOTAL: $84,500


  • PM 1  TO PM 4: $4000 PER SEMESTER

  • TOTAL: $16,000

Additional Fees

​The tuition does not cover the following : 

  • Application Fees: $50.00 (One time)

  • Visa Processing Fees: $300.00 applied as needed

  • Student Services Fees: $500 per Semester

  • Student Medical Insurance in Antigua: $100 per Semester

  • E-learning resources: $1000 per year

  • Exam Fees: $2500 (One time)

  • Non-refundable Seat Reservation Fee*: $1000.00

  • Graduation Fees: $750.00 (One time)

  • Late Tuition Payment Fees: $250.00

  • Malpractice Insurance Fee (billed annually for CS 1-CS 6): $1000.00

  • Payment Plan Fees: $250.00

  • Transcript Fee: $25.00

*Non-refundable Seat Reservation fee:

  • This fee will be applied towards the tuition of the first semester

  • This amount is applicable to students who are not availing any special discounts or grants.

  • Students availing special discounts or grants should refer to the corresponding document provided at the time of their admission.

All fees are in United States Dollars.

Metropolitan University College of Medicine reserves the right to change tuition at any time without prior notice.

Payment Plan With Special Discounted Fees

Payment plans that allow up to 25% discount on Tuition are available for eligible applicants.

Payment plans combines semester tuition with e-learning resources, student services fee, exam fees, and student medical insurance in Antigua into one special discounted tuition.

Please contact admissions office for details.


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