Student Housing

Student Housing

Student Housing

University dorms are available to all students. University dorms allow for single occupancy per room or double occupancy per room.

Students wishing to stay outside the University dorms will be provided the information of reliable real estate agents. Student Services representatives will advise the student in matters of signing a lease agreement with the house owners.

University authorities will, in no way, be responsible for any dispute on account of accommodations rented by the students on their own.

University Dorms Packages and Prices

  • Single Package: Single occupancy bedroom $700/month
  • Double Package: Shared bedroom: $400/month per person


  • Fully furnished with single bed (Single occupancy) or double bed (double occupancy) study table, chair, closet, and small refrigerator
  • Each room has its own bathroom
  • Water, internet, electricity, garbage collection
  • Air conditioning
  • Laundry services available (on campus pick-up and drop-off / price not included)
  • Self-laundry service with access to washing machine and dryer
  • Gym
  • Meal plans available (not included)

Please note the following:

  • Married students and students with children are advised to seek off-campus housing.
  • No pets are allowed on campus

The department provides free airport shuttles for the students which include pick-up at the start of the semester and drop-off at the end of the semester. Transportation is provided for community clinics and other related activities.

Students are given information and support regarding the island life. Information regarding recreational activities is available with the student services. They are directed towards appropriate banking facilities, car rental agencies, grocery stores, and restaurants when required. Orientation contains information regarding the above activities.

Any support needed by the prospective students during the process of admission will be provided by the Student Services.

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