Student Association

Student Association

Student Association

Student Government Association (SGA) is the main student-run organization at MUCM. During SGA elections, held every other semester, the Executive Board of SGA is chosen. The executive board of SGA periodically can appoint several internal committees or event-specific committee to deliver its duties.

The SGA represents all MUCM Students and liaises with the Student Services to ensure an optimal and cooperative learning environment for the students to achieve maximal academic success. The needs and concerns of the students are conveyed by the student government to the Director/Dean of Student Services so that action can be taken as needed.

Events coordination is also one of the important areas where student government and Student Services come together. Every year, the SGA works diligently to organize social events, sport tournaments, and work with MUCM Administration to improve student life. All students are encouraged to participate in SGA meetings and activities, whether as elected members of the board or as part individual committee or just as individual students with an opinion to share.

In addition to SGA, other Student organizations geared towards additional learning experiences, community activities, and recreational activities like

  • Caribbean student association,
  • Journal club, and
  • Pediatrics club
  • First Aid club

Students with an idea to start their own club should approach student services for guidance.

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