Mission And Vision

Mission And Vision

Our Vision

It is the vision of MUCM

  • To be a premiere international medical school utilizing the American medical education model for preparing outstanding physicians for practice in the any country of the world.
  • To produce physicians who are moral, ethical, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, skillful, and committed to life-long self-evaluation and learning.
  • To bring hope and comfort to patients and improve health by creating, nurturing, a diverse group of health professionals through excellence in teaching, learning, research, service, and integrating holistic strategies in medicine.


  • Compassion: Being sympathetic to other people’s needs. Recognizing the impact of stress and disease on a person, their family, and society at large.
  • Respectful: Value Diversity. Be tolerant and respectful of the other’s culture, religion, background, education, and socioeconomic status. Respect privacy and dignity of others.
  • Responsible: Take responsibility for one’s actions. Be Accountable for decisions taken.
  • Teamwork: Working as part of a team. Understanding that every member of the team has a role. Get along with other members and resolve conflicts amicably.
  • Commitment to lifelong Self-Learning: Recognizing the acquiring knowledge never ends. Commit to the principles of self-learning. Seek help of others when needed. Recognize and accept limitations in one’s knowledge and clinical skills, and a commitment to continuously improve one’s knowledge and ability
  • Moral and Ethical: Be truthful and transparent in all dealings. Resolve conflict of interest in a transparent manner. Commitment to moral and ethical principles of conduct.
  • Leadership: Promote a culture of excellence through leadership, constant evaluation and improvement of performance, professionalism, and diversity and inclusion for students, faculty, and staff.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Metropolitan University College of Medicine is to recruit, mold and develop intelligent vibrant minds to become outstanding and progressive Medical Doctors who would make their mark on the world’s stage of medical practitioners.

We desire to bring hope and comfort to patients through research and the integrating of strategies in order to prolong life through an exceptional patient care coupled with community service.

We seek to provide undergraduate and professional graduate courses of international merit in the medical and allied health sciences.

MUCM will, in part, meet the needs of a global society for a suitably qualified workforce in the health professions by advancing knowledge in the health sciences through basic and applied health care research.

There is severe shortage of qualified physicians globally. There is an increasing demand for educational institutions that can address this deficiency. There is a demand for health professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled, and more importantly, humane and compassionate. It is the need of the hour that we train physicians who can put the needs of the patients before their own. We need physician who are tolerant and are understanding of the patient’s culture, religion, background, education, and socioeconomic status. We are in need of physicians who can see beyond the scope of a disease and treatment, who can see a patient as a human being with dreams, hopes, aspirations, who can realize that a patient’s illness is not just affecting the patient but his family, and who are willing to provide comfort with a kind word or gesture.

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