Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health

Course Overview

Metropolitan university’s Master of Public Health program is designed to meet the rising demand for graduates who are passionate and dedicated about the management and leading of preventive health services for communicable and non-communicable diseases. This program puts its main focus on helping you gain the latest healthcare skills and digital literateness in the health sector. It also focuses on teaching students about Service management that enables you to support health care and enhanced health outcomes at the population, community, and national levels.

This course was formed while keeping in mind that it has to be flexible and modern in its structure and implementation, and was developed with the help and cooperation of many top-level employers in the various public health sector and industry advisory groups. This further provides that students will be introduced to different-different of teaching methods and assessment methodologies to make sure that those students experience development in their public health knowledge and skills and to help them acquire all the professional skills necessary for a successful career in public health.

This master’s degree in public health also helps you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital and data-driven world that public health has adapted to and also further helps you to prepare for it. Students will also be provided with the opportunity to gain an understanding related to a wide variety of digital technologies and also master the use of them, such as SPSS, NVIVO, Stata, Gorilla, and many more. This course will also emphasize teaching about virtual simulations that are used to predict many future outbreaks of infectious and non-infectious diseases, this will help you to come up with a proper plan and response to real-world challenges that may come up in your future career in public health.

Course details and modules

Students will have to take classes on seven core modules and other than that they will be asked to opt for one optional ‘elective’ module, they will be given four possible options to choose from. This will help the students to choose a course syllabus that is most suitable for his/her career interests and will help with their future employment opportunities.

Due to the quantifiable nature of various modules in the Master of Public Health, there is a module designed for introduction in Mathematics and Statistics for students who require additional help with their arithmetic skills in the preliminary phase of the course.


The various Core modules that are available here are listed below

  • Health Policy (20 credits)
  • Epidemiology (20 credits)
  • Leading Health Projects (20 credits)
  • Designing Public Health Research (20 credits)
  • Economics in Public Health Practice (20 credits)
  • Contemporary Challenges in Public Health (20 credits)
  • Industry-based Project (40 credits)

The various Elective modules from among which the students can choose from are listed below

  • Global Burden of Disease (20 credits)
  • Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health Management (20 credits)
  • Risk Planning in Preventive Health (20 credits)
  • Evidence-based Infectious Disease Modelling (20 credits)

How do we assess you?

The assessments you will have to go through will be aimed to motivate and encourage you to confidently implement all the knowledge and skills that you have acquired from each of the given modules with context to a complete ‘real world’ worldwide health training situation. These various types of assessments are frequently used at different stages of the course:

  • Case studies of different situations
  • Submission of written reports and health journal articles
  • Drafting policy briefs and updated over media
  • Developing a digital health service management portfolio
  • Preparation of interactive presentation on an individual level
  • Presentation over a digital poster

In addition, the Master of Public Health degree is concluded with the presentation on an industry project that requires you to imply all the knowledge, skills, and qualities that you have acquired throughout all of the course modules. This project is completely independent and puts its emphasis on a present-day situation in public health practice, this will further help you to gain a better understanding of the work areas that you have a keen interest in. In a situation where you are already a part of the public health sector, you will be motivated to assess the current situation that is ‘live’ in your existing workroom and will help you to work through it in a simulated condition, and will be assisted by the academic team.

Study options

Any student who wants to pursue this course can easily access it as it is available as a fully online program, which will provide students with the opportunity to study from anywhere in the world.

Online learning

How does it work?

While pursuing a Master of Public Health from Metropolitan University, will provide you with a high level of comfort, knowledge, and skills. It is really easy to enroll in Metropolitan university and within few steps, you can enroll here from anywhere around the globe after the enrolment process you can attend the classes from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to attend the classes in physical mode.

We believe in teaching the course on our Master of Public health using various methods which also make use of real-world case studies, practice learning, webinars, various latest software applications that are currently used in the public health sector.

Studying here at our university wouldn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be alone throughout the whole course period. There will be many interactions involved such as getting consistent feedback and supervision from your program tutor, you will be able to study with students with similar thought process increasing the understanding, and if you’’ feel like having a detailed discussion on your course and various topics you can use the community message boards for that and also take part on the topics being raised within it. To make sure that you can easily have discussions with your teacher and colleagues on the matters you’re currently learning about We’ve set up various community boards entrenched into each of the course modules.


In order to make sure that you are eligible for the Master of Public Health, we’ll have to go through some data and see that if you have all the requirements fulfilled: –

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree or equivalent at the 2:2 level
  • Individuals who have the following: – HND/HNC/Dip HE, along with three to four years of professional work experience with relevant evidence of their administrative/superintendent responsibilities can also apply for the same

In many cases, where an applicant lacks the proper qualification but has at least five years of appropriate management experience in any discipline has also been accepted. 

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