Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

MUCM is a socially responsible university that prides itself in its ability to give back to the local community.

In association with SGA and other clubs in the medical school, MUCM organizes periodic

  • health fairs,
  • health education seminars at local schools
  • funds CME programs at local hospitals and clinics

Health fairs are conducted at local supermarkets like Epicurean or First Choice. During these health fairs screening tests for Blood pressure, BMI, random blood glucose testing, visual acuity examination to detect refractory errors, and other basic physical examinations are done. Registered medical professionals accompany the students during these visits guiding them in patient interaction and monitoring the health advice given.

Premedical students are also encouraged to participate in these health fairs.

In addition to Health Fairs, health education activities are conducted at local primary and secondary schools where various aspects of diet, personal hygiene, physical exercise, and avoidance of harmful habits are discussed. Screening tests for eye function are conducted as part of the exercise.

Visits to Special needs schools and orphanages are also undertaken and SGA works diligently in raising the funds needed to support these organizations. SGA also undertakes special fund-raising activities in times of emergency as part of disaster relieve exercises.

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