Clinical Dean

Clinical Dean

Clinical Dean

Welcome Dean,

Dr Gurpreet Sandhu
Clinical Deann

On behalf of the Metropolitan University College of Medicine, it is my immense pleasure to welcome all the prospective students. Metropolitan University College of Medicine was founded by highly compassionate, dedicated, and experienced medical educators with the primary aim to help medical students become the finest clinicians to serve in global healthcare. We are located in Antigua and Barbuda with strong and growing international links in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and India. Our mission is not just to enhance medical knowledge and provide all the necessary resources to excel in the board exams, but also to induce the personal growth of our students to produce compassionate and dedicated professionals. The values that shape our behaviors are equally important as acquiring the essential clinical skills to provide healthcare, and with the guidance of our amazing faculty, the commitment of our student services, and the dedication of our staff, our students grow to possess the highest level of character, integrity, and sensitivity.

Our Doctor of Medicine program utilizes a variety of tools incorporating various platforms including digital networks, comprehensive digital library, problem-based learning, case-based methodology, and simulation labs, etc. Our faculty integrates the fundamentals with advanced concepts and the curriculums stem across multiple courses to provide a correlative, logical, and thorough learning approach. We also emphasize strongly on the clinical application of the basic knowledge along with clinical skills training in the first two years which makes the transitioning into clinical years more streamlined. We have a low student-to-faculty ratio which enables our faculty to focus on individual student needs and provides maximum faculty mentorship for every student. One of the most essential parts of our program is our student services and staff who work tirelessly to perfect the student wellbeing in every aspect of student life and as in student’s own words, act as the strongest pillars of support for our students.

Choosing the right place to study medicine is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and I know you want to find a university that is the right fit for you. Each of you has your aspirations and given the right environment, you will grow to become the future of medicine. At Metropolitan University College of Medicine, we appreciate the hard work you have put in your academics so far but we also look into what you have done outside your academics as behavior, character, and values cannot be tested in exams. This is why we perform personal interviews and pay attention to the extra-academic activities to gauge your characteristics. Your character will continue to evolve in our program as we work with you in every challenge you will face in your academics and beyond. Our academic and student support team will always stand by you to further your perseverance and resolution throughout your medical career and foster your personal blossoming. We are confident that our students carry the medical knowledge and the life lessons learned to develop a deeper sense of purpose. We will continue to make a difference in our community, and we will be stronger in our efforts with newly budding physicians like you who have paid close attention to choosing the right place to study and in due time will represent our commitment to global healthcare.

With that, I would like to give you my best wishes and encourage you to find more information on our website, or just contact our dynamic and diverse support staff and we will be very excited to help you get more insight into Metropolitan University College of Medicine where tomorrow starts now.

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